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Soaps.com -
Soap Opera News & Soap Opera Spoilers

Soap operas have become part of our everyday lives, with story lines filled with drama, intrigue, romance and entertainment. Soap operas first came about on radio, in the 1930s, then started appearing on TV in the 1940s. The soap opera ratings fluctuate constantly, due to the success and failure of ever-changing story lines. The ratings inform us that there are always great numbers of loyal viewers who can't get enough of their daytime dramas.

Fans have become so obsessed with their favorite soap opera; they are always on the lookout for soap opera spoilers that will give them insight into what may happen in the coming weeks for that particular show. Due to ever-changing story lines, it is common for many stars to come and go on shows. Thus, another popular subject has become 'comings and goings', or 'ins and outs' as they're also commonly referenced.

Being new to the soap opera landscape, Soaps.com is devoted to providing their readers with daily updates/recaps of all 9 soaps within just an hour or two of the show's airing. Soaps Editor-in-Chief says, "In addition to posting our daily soap opera recaps early, Soaps.com writers are also dedicated to providing our readers with the latest breaking soap opera news that one can find on the internet!"

There are currently 9 daytime soap operas that run in the United States. They air on ABC, CBS, and NBC. They all have a slightly different focus, with their own unique set of characters and story lines. Of the 9 soaps, the 4 most popular ones that we cover are:

The Young and the Restless: This drama centers around inhabitants of Genoa City. The focus for the older residents of Genoa City is on big business, the world of finance, and wealth, while the younger set is educated on the local college, or working at one of the popular hang-outs. Lovers and friends meet at the local cafe, "Crimson Lights" for cappuccinos, and "The Athletic Club," or the "Colonnade Room" for afternoon luncheons and romantic dinners. Intrigue, seduction and sometimes murder are all a part of its draw.

Bold and the Beautiful: This daytime drama revolves around the trials and tribulations of the beautiful and affluent people of the fashion world in Beverly Hills. You can find most of the cast working at "Forrester Creations." If they're not there, you are most likely to find them at the "Forrester Mansion" scheming, dining at "Cafe Rouse," or bed-hopping.

Days Of Our Lives: Focuses on the lives and relationships of your favorite friends and villains of the town of Salem. The Bradys and the Horton clan are the two main families in Salem, with the characters' time being spent flitting between the "Brady Pub" and Salem PD. Intrigue, romance and family are featured in this drama, with a villain always plotting revenge on the hard-working folk of Salem.

As the World Turns: One of the longest running of the soaps, this drama concerns itself with the residents of Oakdale. The Oakdale police force features prominently, with the hospital staff running a close second. Favorite hangouts are at "Yo's" and "The Lakeview", where you'll watch twisted plots run rampant between the Hughes, the Munsons and the Snyders.

Soaps.com is focused on providing the best coverage of soap opera news, soap opera spoilers, comings and goings, and everything related to the many daytime soaps.

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