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Numerology-free.com - Free Numerology Online

There are unseen forces in the universe. And there are ways to understand and explore these forces. Numerology is one of the ways that is taken by many. The science of numerology is based on numbers-the belief that there is more to numbers than meets the eye and the mind. Thus the secret of numbers have to be unraveled through methodical research and total belief. When correctly done, numbers open an window to the other world.

Not all of us have to through the mysterious process to utilize the benefits of numerology. Thanks to resources as Numerology-free.com. The site offers a series of lessons under The Free Numerology with Heart eCourse to make us understand numerology better.

Basics of Free Numerology Online
First the Basics of numerology. And that is what explored in the first lesson of the course. The process of understanding the numbers begins here. Each number is associated with energy vibrations and has repercussions on one's life. To understand the qualities and polarities of a number one can use the Number Chart.

This chapter is a guide to the axioms of numerology. Understanding them is like taking the first step on a journey that eventually opens the window on the other world.

The Birth Day
What's important in this whole game of numbers is the actual day of birth. This aspect is explored in Numerology Lesson Five. The numbers in the day of birth of a person throw light on a person's talents, self-perception and abilities that one is comfortable with.

Each number has a quality which is in terms of Balanced, Under-balanced or Over-balanced. These results are combined with outputs from other combinations of numbers related to the person to give a better picture. As the best way to access the knowledge within a numeric vibration is both by reading the combined expression as well as the individual numbers of which it is made.

The Transits
The letters of the alphabet have an influence on the numbers too. So Numerology Lesson 20 is about letters. Individual letters of a name or word are expressed as Transits and make up the Expression, Heart's Desire, and the Personality. Each letter represents an influence and lasts for an equivalent number of years relative to their numerical placement in the alphabet (reduced to a single digit). Each of the Transits convey a message.

There is the Essence Chart to calculate the influence of these letters on the current year. All these Transits have influences on the balance of energy and consequently, affect our lives. When one has correct idea about one's energy status, an effective mode of addressal is possible.

Numerology Software
Numerology is a wonderful tool that helps us understand the mystery of life better. It helps gain an insight into the lives of people which would otherwise remain shrouded. The knowledge is helpful to thousands of people. So improving one's Numerology skills is beneficial not just to himself but others too.

To enable you to develop your skills, there is the Numerology Software that can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Also available are Macintosh software and Free XP Numerology Software.

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